Doctor Who THE NEW WOMEN – By Lenny

The new Doctor, Jodie Wittacker ,┬áis now a women.(As if she was not a women before) Now I don’t have a problem with a women I just hope that they don’t do anything stupid with the character just because it’s now a women. For example making her wear a skirt or a dress because the doctor is still going to have that boyish personality.(I hope) Any way with that being said this is the clip of her as the doctor. (the tardis looks fake)

6 Responses to “Doctor Who THE NEW WOMEN – By Lenny”

  1.   Mr Alderdice Says:

    This is an interesting post, Lenny. I wonder what everyone else thinks?
    Does it matter if The Doctor is a woman? What do you think about the idea of her wearing a dress?

  2.   erin B Says:

    i like how they have chosen a woman for the next doctor. it shows how the world is getting less choosy about roles only being played by one gender.

  3.   erin B Says:

    lenny you forgot to credit the original source

  4.   tilly 6b Says:

    I cant wait to see what it will be like now
    I wonder if it will change anything

  5.   Emily 6b Says:

    I’m really looking forward to watch it, especially now it’s a woman playing the role! :]

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