Jeremy keeling (erin b)

born on February the sixth, 1964, jerry keeling (animal manager of monkey world) is 53 years old. he has an amazingly strong bond with monkeys and apes and even gets into enclosures with sometimes aggressive mammals which are 7 times stronger than him.

Jeremy had a traumatising childhood. When he was twelve, he was forced to live in a beaten up caravan where he had no friends or attention.

He left home at 18, troubled and traumatised by his childhood. then he started working at colchester zoo.  Jeremy had a close bond with guy and prissy, the two orang-utans.

he left colchester zoo and began working at Gordan zoo, where little amy,the baby orang-utan, was born. her birth was trouble free, however, she was poorly afterwards as her mother rejected her at such a young age. Jeremy hand reared her, borrowing an incubator from a hospital and force feeding her milk every two hours.

a year later, Jeremy was in a car crash with his son, Jamie and his girlfriend, Meryl. Meryl didn’t suffer any injuries, Jeremy was unconscious, with terrible head wounds. Amy also suffered head wounds, but was not uncounsios. She saved Jeremys life , as she cradled his head and applied pressure with her hand to the back of his head to stop the bleeding.

soon after that, Jeremy wrote a heartwarming aughtobiography called. ‘the orang-utan who saved my life’

emery currently works in monkey world i dorset, as an animal manager.

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  1.   Mr Alderdice Says:

    Great work, Erin. I enjoyed finding out about Jeremy Keeling. Is this where you would like to work one day?

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