biography about the one and only Grant Gustin! by Caitlin

Grant Gustin was born on January 14th 1990 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States to his mum – Tina Haney – and his dad – Tom Gustin. He has 2 siblings, Grace Gustin and Tyler Gustin. Tyler is Grants older brother and Grace is Grants younger sister. He is also know as Thomas Grant Gustin but prefers to be called Grant.

He is an American actor, singer, and dancer mainly known for his role as Barry Allen (The Flash) on The CW hit series The Flash. He started his journey on television by playing the role Sebastian Smythe in the series Glee, and later was cast to play a character in the series 90210 and Arrow. Since Grant was a child, he always dreamed of being a Broadway actor, eventually working in television and movies.┬áHe says it got flipped as he already got his big break on TV, and still wants to act in Broadway plays. However, he is glad for what he has achieved so far. According to him, the opportunity to work on ‘Glee’ unexpectedly fell into his lap as he was not looking for an acting job at that moment!


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    the flash is really good. you are completely obsessed with it aren’t you!!!!

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