my holiday down south- Erin B

on Saturday when it was the start of the half term holidays, i got on a train to London and stayed with my Uncle Matt and his girlfriend Jane. they live in a really hippie kinda cool place called Brixton. There is a building called  pop Brixton, which is made entirely out of old shipping containers. they have a free craft place and a wide verity of different foods. i got a crepe which was soooooooo delicious. I also went to madame tousords, the wax works were so realistic!!!!! there was also a ride where you sat in a carriage and it took you through history in five minutes

after 3 nights in brixton, my mum and I caught a train too Brighton where we met our friends, Tatey and elliott and found our place, a lovely air bed and breakfast with two bedrooms and really lovely, stylish furniture. we have some friends who live in Brighton so we met up with them. They have two little boys, Albert, who is six, and Ralph, who is two- he is so cute and funny. we had some lovely pizza at a resraunt and i met a 9 week old chiwawa puppy called toffee, she was the cutest thing i had ever seen!!!! i got a subway with my mum and it was super delicious.

her is a pic of brighton beach.

credit too wikipedia 4 the pic.

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