Roald Dahl biography(MATTHEW)

ROALD DAHL 1916-1990

General information

Name: Roald Dahl

Birth date:13th September 1916

Birth Place:   Wales but his parents were Norwegian

Death:23rd November 1990(aged 74)

Death place: Oxford,England

Early Life

As a child Roald Dahl would spend his holidays in Oslo-visiting his grandparents.Sadly, at the age of four his Father passed away. Dahl  received his earliest education at Llandaff  Cathedral School .But when his Principal gave him a beating for pulling a practical joke, his Mum sent him to St Peters (A British boarding school). Roald later transferred to a Private School called Repton where he finally graduated. At school writing wasn’t  his strong point.


In WWII Roald was a fighter pilot in a Gloster Gladiator in which in a battle over Libya he crashed into a desert , he also worked at a Shell Gas Station in Africa. Also in WWII Dahl was a spy passing intelligence from Washington to M16

Interesting facts

Roald Dahl invented over 250 new words .In  1971 a real man named Willy Wonka wrote to him-he was a postman from Nebraska-which is how he got the name for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ,in fact he got a lot of names and ideas from real people he got Sophie from the BFG from his Granddaughter called  Sophie and the Grandma from the The Witches was based on his mum.


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