school council (help the homeless) – By Erin B

as you might know, i was elected school council a couple of weeks ago.I have been thinking really hard for ideas and i have some up with a plan to help the homeless.

for a start, there will be a food bank in the office, which you can add to as much or little as you want, it is completely up to you and your family. hopefully, i can get letters sent home to see which parents would like to volunteer on some Fridays – that is when it gets emptied and handed to the homeless of Manchester. i already know that my daddy, mummy and close friend, Helen, have already aggress to help on Fridays. The kind of stuff that you can bring is crisps, canned fruit in tins you can open with your hands, bread and butter if you are quite near Friday, drinks, nuts ad dried fruit and basically anything that you can open with your hands and is still ok to eat by Friday.

i think we should also have an own clothes day where you can bring in a donation of your choice to wear your own clothes for the day.

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