Banksy (by Scarlett)

Banksy is a famous graffiti artist whose identity remains unknown. He is believed to have been born in Bristol in 1974, making him around 43 years of age.

He began his career as part of Bristol based graffiti gang, DryBreadZ Crew, in the early 1990s. He began painting freehand and later started using mostly stencils and developed a signature style which became widely recognized mainly in London and Bristol. In 2010 there was a documentary about banksy called “exit through the gift shop” which was nominated for an academy award and increased public interest in his work. From 2013 he painted pieces in New York City.

3 Responses to “Banksy (by Scarlett)”

  1.   Mr Alderdice Says:

    Great work, Scarlett!

  2.   Erin B 6b Says:

    Graffiti art is really cool, i love how the colours pop.

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