JK Rowling Biography Isla (new version)

Joanne Rowling born on 31 July 1965 in Yate,Gloucestershire,is one of the most famous British novelists of all time.Joanne was born to Peter and Anne Rowling and had a sister two years younger than her called Dianne

Joanne wanted to be a writer from early age.She wrote her first book called Rabit at the age of 6.At just eleven she wrote her first novel called the Seven cursed diamonds.

As Joanne grew older her interest in writing grew stronger and she started writing in all her her spare time.The idea of Harry Potter came into Joanne’s mind while she was on a delayed train from Manchester to London kings cross.

Around this time,Joanne moved to northern Portugal to teach English as a forgein language.This is where she met and married Jorge Arantes in a October 1992 and had a daughter,Jessica in 1993.

Later on that year and Joanne moved back to Edinburgh with Jessica having also finished the first 3 chapters of Harry Potter  and the Philosopher stone,her futures most bestselling books.

In 1997 Joanne finished her first Harry Potter book.Some of Joanne’s most famous books include the Beedle  and the Bard,Fantastic Beasts  and where to find them and the whole Harry Potter series

Joanne has sold over 450 million copies that have been translated into 77 different languages and have been made into 7 films.Joanne has wrote at least 26 books and has recived lots of awards and honours including and OBE.

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  1.   Mr Alderdice Says:

    Well done, Isla!

  2.   Erin B 6b Says:

    i think jk rowling is an astonishingly clever writer. i love her harry potter series. i think she is creative.

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