what type of dog are you?????? By Erin B

what sounds most exiting?!

1. a closet full of makeup to keep  2. a week long camp out slumber party!! 3. be able to snuggle up on the sofa and watch youtube with fast food ALL DAY. 4.play outside sports all day and never get tired!!!!

what is your favourite food?

1.fancy little handmade delicacies 2. PARTY FOOD!!!!!!! 3.fast food. 5. energy  bars and lucozade!!!!!

what is your favourite animal?

1.unicorns  2.monkey  3.sloth  4.cheeter 

what is your favourite colour?

1.pink!!!!  2.rainbow!!! 3.grey 4. green and orange

if you are…

mostly 1

you are a poodle!!!

you are totally girly and LOVE ya makeup and you are sassy and prissy


you are a labradoodle!!! 

you are playful and positive. all you ever think about is PARTY!!!!! 

mostly 3…

you are a pug.

you are lazy and love nothing more than getting all warm on the couch

mostly 4…

you are a redsetter!!!

you love sport, and you can never sit still

one of each…MONGREL!!!

comment down below what you are!!😀



4 Responses to “what type of dog are you?????? By Erin B”

  1.   Elodie Says:


    I AM A PUG!!!!!

  2.   Erin B Says:

    I am a labradoodle!!

  3.   LOUIS Says:

    3 you-tube you-tube you-tube!!!!

    2 popcorn, pizza, burgers, crisps and so on

    4 born to run fast & cheat

    1 pink all the way
    Erin what r u if u r 1 of each?

    oh and fantastic quiz I loved it

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