Team Point Challenge #4 – Prepositional / Adverbial Phrases

Watch this video from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

How many prepositional / adverbial phrases can you hear in the song?

I will give one TP for every correct answer that you write.


5 Responses to “Team Point Challenge #4 – Prepositional / Adverbial Phrases”

  1.   Aiyla Says:

    under the sea x15
    things around you
    along the sand
    adverbial phrases
    where it is wetter
    when the(idk what it said here)

    •   Mr Alderdice Says:

      Well done, Aiyla!
      You can have a TP for each but I’m only letting you have one for ‘Under the sea’. You can have two bonus TP for taking the time to count them all though!
      That’s 7 x TP in total! 🙂

  2.   Mia 6b Says:

    Under the sea x18
    Down where it’s wetter
    Along the sand
    Down where it’s mucky
    Things around you
    Under the water

  3.   Erin B 6b Says:

    This is really annoying because i found LOADS and they all have been found already by Aiyla and Mia!!!

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