who is your favourite X Factor contestant !!! (by Elodie)

 If you watch the x factor I would love to know your favourite contestant out of SIMON COWELL    SHARREN OSBORN    NICOLE SCHERZINGER      LOUIS WALSH


 SIMON COWELL and the groups

  • The cutcelvins
  • Raksu
  • Sean and Connor Price


 SHARREN OSBORNE and the girls
  • Grace Davis
  • Ra-elle Williams
  • Holly Tandy


NICOLE SCHERZINGER    and the overs

  • kevin Davy White

  • louis walsh    AND THE BOYS

  • Lloyd Macey


my favourite

contestant is




6 Responses to “who is your favourite X Factor contestant !!! (by Elodie)”

  1.   Martha 6b Says:

    SIMON COWELL! Only I call him Simon COW!

  2.   Aiyla Says:

    I vote Rak-su

  3.   Scarlett Says:

    RAK-SU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thew are amazing!

    (i know it has already been the final but they are so good)

  4.   Mai Says:

    Mine is definitely Grace

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