St Helena – By Erin B

My dad has recently got back from a work holiday in St helena, which is a tiny, remote island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It has less people than Chorlton living there and Manchester is x20 bigger. think about that for a second, its REALLY small. The oldest living land animal, johnathon the tortoise, lives in ST Helana and he is 186 years old!!!!!!!! HOW THOUGH . it is an English country so they speak english and use pound coins. There is only 4000 people in St helena, so everyone knows everyone and people ALWAYS say hello to you in the street.

When my dad was there, he went scuba diving and saw some really cool fish. Unfortunately, he did not see the whale shark, which is there in the summer time.


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  1.   Nabriko Says:

    well thats a funny story

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