Poetry – By Matt Goodfellow

Did you enjoy the poems that we wrote in class? It was certainly challenging to think carefully about our use of language, rhyme and rhythm.

If you would like more inspiration to write some poetry, here are some more of Matt Goodfellow’s poems from his book, Carry Me Away.


Why not have a go at posting some of your own poems? You could rewrite one of these and leave it as a post or comment.

3 Responses to “Poetry – By Matt Goodfellow”

  1.   Eric Says:

    I remember doing one like “with the waterfalls” but about glaciers in y5.

  2.   Miss Hulse Says:

    I’m glad you remember Eric! 🙂 I was just about to ask if any of you remember writing your own poems based on ‘With the Waterfalls’ last year!

  3.   nell and kristen 6a Says:

    we remember in y5 when we did this poem it was so much fun

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