DIY pumpkin ideas (by lola)

October 29, 2017

1.using a drill (by using a drill you can create neat and different shaped holes without much effort)

2.paper mache  (by using different patterned fabrics you can paper mache them onto a pumpkin to create a cool and colourful design)

3.using glitter (by using glitter you can apply glue to your pumpkin then take any colour glitter you want and with a brush lightly dab all over to create a very sparkly pumpkin)

4.pearls (by using pearls you can stick them on in any order possible to create a good and easy pumpkin)

5.paint (by painting the pumpkin you can do any design you want without having to make a big mess)


comment down below if you used any of these ideas or want to share another one!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!