Google SketchUp

November 9, 2017

Are you all enjoying using SketchUp? Has anyone used it at home?
You can download it for free here.
Please remember to check with a parent / carer first before you download.

Doctor Who 2018 companions. (By Lenny)

October 26, 2017

There are going to be three companions which means four people in the Tardis. Is this good or are you worried it may be a little packed? Here is a link as I could not get a picture embedded on this post.

These are my thoughts on 2018’s Doctor Who companions. I think they look like they would do well as Bradley Walsh, the middle aged man, is ,in my opinion , pretty funny and I would like to see him along side the Doctor. The others I have not seen much of but I think they were both in a TV show called Hollyoaks. I can not wait to see the four in action in 2018 and also Jodie Whittaker will be getting a new sonic and Tardis so that’s exciting. I am not sure what to expect from Chris Chibnall even though he directed 5 Doctor Who episodes in the past. I can’t wait to see Jodie’s new title sequence and will they fit all 4 names????? Any way that’s all from me. Please feel free to see my other posts and I’ll try make a post a week or a day if I’m lucky. Anyhow, bye


Made by the all mighty Lenny

My Biography on the all mighty Matt Smith (by Lenny)

October 26, 2017

Matt Smith, best known for playing the Doctor in BBC’s hit TV show Doctor Who, is a very talented as an actor. Matthew Robert Smith (that is his full name) has not only been in Doctor Who but also the Crown and many others. He was born on 28th October 1982 at Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom.

Matt got his education at Northampton School for boys and later became an actor. At the age of 26 he got the role as the Doctor playing for 3 seasons and then leaving in 2013 in an episode named the time of the Doctor. Then, later on, he played Prince Philip In Netflix’s most expensive TV show the Crown. On the other hand, Karen Gillan ,the Doctors Companion, got a role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1/2 as Nebula and is getting a new role in Jumanji 2. Matt is having a very successful career and I hope we see him in the future.

There is a rumour that he may return in the 2017 Christmas special Twice upon a time as it is Steven Moffat last episode and Steve worked with Matt so it would make sense to bring him back for a surprise. It would be nice but it is only a RUMOUR!!

At this very moment I do not know if Matt is going to be in a show for 2018 or for the rest of 2018.But now you have mastered to know all about Matt Smith!!!

This biography was made by Lenny6B

Mario Kart 8 DELUXE (By Matthew)

October 19, 2017

I love Mario Kart and play it and I think you should play it too here’s a trailer for Mario Kart 8 DELUXE



Doctor Who THE NEW WOMEN – By Lenny

October 10, 2017

The new Doctor, Jodie Wittacker , is now a women.(As if she was not a women before) Now I don’t have a problem with a women I just hope that they don’t do anything stupid with the character just because it’s now a women. For example making her wear a skirt or a dress because the doctor is still going to have that boyish personality.(I hope) Any way with that being said this is the clip of her as the doctor. (the tardis looks fake)

Good news! You can now embed content in your posts (I hope)

September 29, 2017

Credit: Wikimedia

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Spiderman Homecoming (Lenny)

September 24, 2017

I saw this new movie called spider man homecoming. With the new actor ,Tom Holland, for the new spider man. Its a great movie which has funny but scary parts. Its a 12a and is still in the cinema. Here is a picture of the movie.


picture from

This is Tom Holland

Picture from

Definitely the best movie ever for 2017. Now I must swing away.


Rounding with Temple Run

September 18, 2017

As it is National Coding Week, we took the opportunity to use the iPads in our maths lesson this morning, generating large numbers and rounding them to different degrees of accuracy.


(Shh… don’t tell anyone that we were playing Temple Run.)

Word classes!

September 18, 2017

Here is the song that we listened to in English to remind us about word classes (all the parts of speech).

We then created our own educational songs.


Year 6

September 18, 2017

In year 6. We get to do a lot of things.  It may only be our second or third week but a lot has happened. We found out how to post stuff on the blog which is what I am doing right now. The best part about this is that you get to post stuff all the time. I have finished my school homework. :). In maths we are doing stuff on rounding and we played a fun game which was where I and my friend rolled a dice and we had to make a bigger number than each other. That was fun. In literacy ( or English ) we are doing diary work. That’s okay but now guided reading is way better. Usually I hate it but now I find it fun. Tomorrow I am going to do the exam for Stratford grammar. I am nervous and not exited but if I get in that will be my second choice. Wish me luck.

Lenny 6b

Spellings lenny

September 18, 2017

these are the words I have to learn

horrible, terrible, possible, edible, reversible, invincible, legible, adorable, forgivable, disposable, enjoyable, valuable, breakable, identifiable, incredibly, sensibly, reliably, respectably, agreeably, enviably. 

Those are the words. Can you learn them? I know I have ( I think ) . Have you noticed the colour of my writing? I know I have ( I have ). 
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Year 6 (so far) Lenny

September 14, 2017

Hello people of the world. Here is year 6 (so far)


We are learning about the Victorians and it is fun. In English we are writing pages of a diary in a historical way. In my have a go I did a Victorian CRIME FICTION. That is all. Thank you and goodbye.