who is your hero? (By Erin B)

October 15, 2017

my hero is Alison Cronin.

on the 7th of august 1987 Alison  Cronin opened monkey world, the largest ape and monkey rescue centre on the planet. it is now a 65 acre rescue centre in dorset. it is home to 15 different species including chimpanzees, orang-utans-american cappuchins, golden cheeked gibbons, squirrel monkeys, stump tail makaks and more. i went to monkey world in the summer holidays and it was the best!!!!!
my favourite monkey at monkey world is Charlie, but he passed away in 2009. i was three then and i didn’t even know about monkey world then.

this isa video of sallys chimp group aka nursery playing with a mirror at monkey world

primate planet production ltd posted this video on youtube

this blog post looks like i copied and pasted the whole but i didn’t it just has a lot of facts because i am a monkey world nerd