A Biography on Shigeru Miyamoto (Ben)

October 29, 2017

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of some of the best-selling video games of all time, e.g Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. So how did he get here? Well…

In 1952, in Japan, Shigeru was born. As a child, he would explore the natural areas around his home. These expeditions inspired some of his later games.

After getting a degree in industrial design, he began a career in video games at Nintendo. He worked on Donkey Kong in 1981, which was a success. In 1985, Super Mario Bros. was released and has sold over 40 million copies.

Since 2000, Miyamoto has worked on games for multiple platforms, like the GameCube, DS, and Wii. And with the Switch out and Super Mario Odyssey released yesterday, his story isn’t over.

Roald Dahl biography(MATTHEW)

October 29, 2017

ROALD DAHL 1916-1990

General information

Name: Roald Dahl

Birth date:13th September 1916

Birth Place:   Wales but his parents were Norwegian

Death:23rd November 1990(aged 74)

Death place: Oxford,England

Early Life

As a child Roald Dahl would spend his holidays in Oslo-visiting his grandparents.Sadly, at the age of four his Father passed away. Dahl  received his earliest education at Llandaff  Cathedral School .But when his Principal gave him a beating for pulling a practical joke, his Mum sent him to St Peters (A British boarding school). Roald later transferred to a Private School called Repton where he finally graduated. At school writing wasn’t  his strong point.


In WWII Roald was a fighter pilot in a Gloster Gladiator in which in a battle over Libya he crashed into a desert , he also worked at a Shell Gas Station in Africa. Also in WWII Dahl was a spy passing intelligence from Washington to M16

Interesting facts

Roald Dahl invented over 250 new words .In  1971 a real man named Willy Wonka wrote to him-he was a postman from Nebraska-which is how he got the name for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ,in fact he got a lot of names and ideas from real people he got Sophie from the BFG from his Granddaughter called  Sophie and the Grandma from the The Witches was based on his mum.


Biography on Harry Kane (By Sammy)

October 29, 2017

Harry Edward Kane was born on the 28th of July 1993 in Walthanstow in north east London.

Kane made his first team debut for Tottenham Hotspur on the 25 August 2011 in the UEFA  Europa League.

Kane spent time on loan at various clubs before establishing himself in the first team.

In 122 league appearances for Tottenham Kane has scored  86 goals.

Teddy Sheringham (former Tottenham and England striker) was Kane’s childhood hero. Kane also went to the same school as David Beckham.

In the last three seasons Kane has became one of the world’s top strikers,winning the golden boot two seasons in a row.


picture credit to chalk farm

Jacquiline Wilson by Tilly

October 29, 2017



Jacqueline Wilson

Born in Bath, Somerset, 17th December 1945, Jacqueline Aitken was a quiet, dreamy girl which later came in very handy in writing some of the best-selling children’s books of the modern day. She came from a middle class family as an only child. Her father (Harry), was a Civil Servant; her mother (Biddy) was an antiques dealer. They did not get along, yet this would later be her inspiration for her books.

Jacquiline attended latchmere Primary school.As soon as she could read she read and read and read. She preferred books by Noel Streatfeild, yet she had read Little Women and What Katy Did a million times over again. And as soon as she could write she filled her bed room shelves with stories of her imaginary games scribbled into cheap Woolworths note pads. At nine, she wrote her first story, Meet the Magots, which was 21 sides long. It was about a family with seven children.  Although Jacquiline despised maths, she LOVED English. And so she would often get lost in an imaginary world rather than pay attention to the class, consequently, her teacher noticed and gave her the nickname ‘Jacky Daydream’ which would later be the name of her first biography.

She went on to Coomb Girls’ School, which she actively keeps in touch with to this day! Once she left school (at sixteen) she applied to work for a magazine called Jacky. Jacquiline had to tell them her talents, and what to this day is her award-winning talent? Of course, her imagination, and so she sent in a horror based story and got in!

Here Jacky would later fall in love with a printer named Millar Wilson.a new job for Millar at the police department meant the couple moved down south. They were happily married in 1965 when Jacky was only 19! A couple of years later they had a child named Emma. Yet divorced in 2004.

At first she wrote crime fiction novels. Jacky experimented with genres until in 1991 when she hit success with The story of Tracy Beaker. Now she has over 100 books!


Mary Seacole biography (by Elodie)😃😜

October 29, 2017

Mary Seacole was born on the 23 November 1805 in 
kingston, Jamaica. Mary was a half Scottish half 
jamaican girl.

After working in a hospital run by her mother, Mary 
was desperate to help the British troops. In 1854 
Mary left Jamaica to come to England. She wanted to
join a group of nurses helping injured soldiers in 
the crimean war. She didn't get the job because she
 was black. She then decided to go to the Crimea to 
build her own hospital(even though she called it a 
It didn't take long for her to figure that the thing
killing them was the hunger. She made soup for all
the injured men.


The Quiz ( Made by Hariz )

September 18, 2017

The Quiz ( Comment and submit your answers . You don’t have to answer in full sentences . )

1) Which metal is heavier : gold or silver ?
2) What is the capital city of the U.S.A ?
3) Who is the queen of England currently ?
4) How old is the queen of England ?
5) Who is the president of the U.S.A ?
6) What is the tallest building in the world ?
7) Who was the first man on the Moon ?
8) What are the names of the planets in our Solar System (including
 the dwarf planet ) ?
9) Does the moon emit light ?
10) What is the name of the star that we orbit ?
11) What is the name of our galaxy ?
12) Which continent is Egypt in ?
13) How many days are there in a year ?
14) how many days are there in a leap year ?
15) How many years are there in a decade ?
16) how may years are there in a century ?
17) How may years are there in a millennium ?
18) How many weeks are there in a year ?
19) How many seconds are there in an hour ?
20) How many cm are there in a kilometre ?