Biography on MO FARAH!!!!!!! By Erin O

October 29, 2017

Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah was born on the 23rd of March in 1983 in Gabiley, Somalia. he spent his early childhood in Djibouti with his twin brother,Hassan Farah. He then moved to England to be with his dad at the age of eight. Although he didn’t speak a word of English he still became the best long distance runner in Britain.

In 1990 they moved to Mogadishu. when he turned 9 he joined a football team. Soon after he released he had a passion for running by is sports coach. Farah finished ninth in his first cross country championships in 1996. The year after he won the race,taking the first of five school titles.

He was supported in his early career by majour figures,including women’s marathoner Paula Radcliffe who paid for his driving lessons and sir Eddie Kulukundis,who covered the legal fees as a British citizen.

Farah began training with coach Alan Storey in 2001 and won the European titles junior 5000 metres that year.After training in Kenya and Ethiopia in 2008, Farah won the European titles in 2010 at 5000 and 10,000 meters. In 2010 he married Tania Nell and soon after he had four children called Amani,Aisha,Rhianna and Hussien Farah. he is now 34 years old and will always be remembered as the best runner in Britain!