A Biography on Shigeru Miyamoto (Ben)

October 29, 2017

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of some of the best-selling video games of all time, e.g Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. So how did he get here? Well… In 1952, in Japan, Shigeru was born. As a child, he¬†would explore the natural areas around his home. These expeditions inspired some of his later […]

biography on the shield wwe (wrestling) – by Dylan

October 19, 2017

In 2012 the WWE witnessed the power of ROMAN REINS SETH ROLLINS and DEAN AMBROSE the shield. Their first match was a tables ladders and chairs match they won the match and later in their career DEAN AMBROSE then won the United States Championship. Later that night Roman Reins and Seth Rollins won the World […]