Team Point Challenge #4 – Prepositional / Adverbial Phrases

November 15, 2017

Watch this video from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. How many prepositional / adverbial phrases can you hear in the song? I will give one TP for every correct answer that you write.  

A book review on two books I love! By Erin B

November 6, 2017

1) shine (by Kate Maryon) twelve year old Tiffany Morris is her mums best buddy until her mum gets sent to jail and Tiff realises that all the macbook and the 3 i pods and the fancy holidays she went on were all bought with stolen money.Tiff does not know anything about her family and […]

Think Pink Marking

November 6, 2017

Team Point Challenge # 1 – Matron Bottomly’s Diary

September 20, 2017

23rd September 1887 Dear Diary, Today some new foundlings arrived at the hospital. I smiled at their borrowed mother as I gently pushed them inside. I know what a difficult time it can be for the families – best to give a good first impression. I can tell immediately that these two particular urchins will […]