school council (help the homeless) – By Erin B

October 29, 2017

as you might know, i was elected school council a couple of weeks ago.I have been thinking really hard for ideas and i have some up with a plan to help the homeless. for a start, there will be a food bank in the office, which you can add to as much or little as […]

quiz of chimpanzees (Erin B)

October 14, 2017

what percentage of our DNA do we share with chimpanzees? A. %76              B.  %97            C. %100 What is the plural noun for chimps? A.a pack                B. a group          C. a flurry how many […]

chimpanzees B( by erin b )

October 5, 2017

chimpanzees are incredibly intelligent animals, there are two types: pygmy chimpanzees and common chimpanzees. we share 97% of our DNA so we are incredibly alike. They are amazing at problem solving and they can use tools like sticks to get bugs and sap out of trees. Their diet mainly consists of fruit and vegetables but […]